Basic VnmrJ Commands and Parameters

VnmrJ commands are entered at the vnmrJ command line. Some commands can be optionally entered with arguments or parameters enclosed in parentheses.To change a parameter value, an vnmrJ parameter is entered with the parameter name, followed by an equal sign (=), followed by the value of the parameter (real, integer, or string). A string parameter value is always enclosed in parentheses and surrounded by single quotes. Multiple command and parameter settings can be entered consecutively, separated by spaces.

Command examples:

Parameter setting examples:

To check a parameter value, add a question mark (?) after the parameter:

Combined commands and parameter setting:

The following lists only basic VnmrJ commands and parameters. Parameters related to 2D or higher-dimensional experiments are not included. For complete or more details of the commands and parameters, see VnmrJ Command and Parameter Reference.


Spectrometer control and data acquisition commands

Data processing and display commands

Plotting commands


Acquisition parameters

Processing and display parameters

H. Zhou updated October 2011