Baseline Correction

For baseline correction to work properly, make sure to leave, ideally, ~10% of blank regions on either side of the spectrum. Do not let peaks fall near the edges of the spectrum.

On the Varian system, two commands can be used to correct the baseline.


Varian's automatic baseline picking and correction
Click the following panels or buttons: Process->Display->Autofind integrals. Green lines (in partial integral mode) covering the peak regions will be shown. Then, click Baseline Correct. This appears to work well most of the times.

Clear integrals after baseline correction by tying cz in command area or click the Delete All Integral Regions button on the right side. Continue to pick integral resets points if desired.

Manual baseline picking and correction
Use bc for full baseline correction if good spectral quality and integral accuracy is needed.


Manual picking baseline areas

wft f full
wft f full

Reset integral points. Note that you do not have to fine-pick peaks because the focus is to define the baseline areas (not covered by solid green lines).
Reset points

Baseline correction with bc