Printing in vnmrJ

Printing in vnmr software had been traditionally done with commands until recent years. These commands, like all vnmr commands, are still being widely used and are compatible with new vnmrJ software despite constant changes to the interface. Varian's WYSIWYG plotting program, Plot Designer (accessible from File menu, to be documented separately) is poorly designed and is difficult to use. While it offers the ability of laying out several regions (with insets in a main plot area, for example), it still requires a significant amount of manual command editing for decent laid-out graphics. Due to the weak graphic design of the printing interface, using the command option in most cases is faster and more useful. This document summarizes basic, mostly command driven printing in vnmrJ.

For publication with more complex and detailed spectrum and text layout, the best route is to edit and combine individual spectra in postscript or pdf format with a vector-based program such as Adobe Illustrator. Unlike .jpg or other image files, the .ps or .pdf files have no resolution loss and every object in the graph is editable. You can overlay several .ps and .pdf files because they are transparent.

Macros will be written to allow printing with several common layouts soon. But manual command editing will still be needed for customized layout.

Printing example: hardcopy or graphic file (.ps, .pdf or .jpg)

Printout file



Common printing commands and parameters in vnmrJ

Note most printing commands start with the letter p (i.e. pscale) ; most corresponding display commands (i.e. dscale), but not all, start with d.

Printing related parameters


H. Zhou Dec 2010