Procedure to Reset NMR Console

If communication between the computer and console is lost and the computer is unresponsive to commands:

  1. Open a Linux terminal (Right click in Desktop and select Open Terminal). Inside the terminal window, type: su acqproc

    A message says Stopping Acquisition communication

  2. Go to the NMR console to the right (left for NMR500) of the computer. Open the left side door of the console. In the middle section, just below the PTS labels, in the upper left corner you should see two small buttons (there is a small hand-written red sticker next to them, see pictures below). One is labeled Abort and the other Reset

    Firmly press the Abort button once.

    Firmly press the Reset button once.

    A red light should come on right after you press the Reset button.

  3. Go back to the computer. Inside the terminal window, type:

    su acqproc

    A message says Starting Acquisition comminication

  4. Wait to hear a beep. Watch the Spin and channel lights on the VT display to cycle. It takes about 1-2 minutes.
  5. Once it beeps and the lights cycle, in the vnmrJ command area, type:


    The Acquisition status window turns from "Inactive" to "Idle"

  6. For NMR400/500 only: Go to spin control, turn on spin to 20Hz. Click Regulate.
  7. Check lock under the Lock panel. Make sure it's on (regulated).
  8. Reset is completed. Proceed to your experiment.


Console with left cabinet open


ABORT and RESET buttons inside circled area of left cabinet

reset button

H. Zhou updated Sept 2011