Mnova Software License Activation

Notice: (09/12/2018)

If you see a message that indicates Mnova cannot connect to the license server, please follow this step to update your main NMR processing license. There is no need to do this unless the error message is displayed.

Notes (02/27/2017)

Problems making connection to the license server


Test data


Cost & Fees for New Licenses

For Existing Mnova/Mestrelab Software License Holders

Step 1: Save the following three license files. Only the main plugin is needed for most people.

Note the software plugins for qNMR and Reaction Monitoring have to be installed separately (see below)
IMPORTANT: Right button click on link and use "Save Target as ..."
Right button click links above and select "Save Target As ...", or File→Save As ... after the license file is displayed to save the license file on your hard drive. Where the license file is located is not important. But save it to somewhere stable and not subject to accidental deletion.

Step 2: Download and install software, version 12.0.1 or older ones such as 11.0.4.

Do not use the any versions after 12.0.1 because they are not supported.

Step 3: HostID

Step 4: Run and activate the software

There are differences between versions in how to install the license. For newer Mnova versions, you can also install the license from Help->License Manager->Get/Install Licenses ...

If no current license (including trial license) is active on this computer:

If you want to switch from a previous license to this one:

Step 5: Restart Mnova software to let changes take effect

H. Zhou updated Feb 2017