The following figure is the gradient based 2D TOCSY pulse sequence with the main parameters displayed (NMR500).


Procedure (on NMR500)

Default parameters

The default setting (modified from Varian's default values) in our parameter set uses the following for a quick 2D COSY:

Data Processing

You can use vnmrJ to process the data, but vnmrJ's graphics display for 2D spectrum leaves much to be desired. A separate program is strongly recommended for detailed processing and analysis.

One of the most widely used free processing/display software package for multi-dimensional NMR data processing is nmrPipe/nmrDraw. This program package has been installed on NMR500 and the data station. Follow this procedure to process data with nmrPipe/nmrDraw.

Example spectrum collected on NMR500

Sample: Strychnine at ~ 25mg/mL (~ 100mM) in cdcl3
  • Data collected October 2010 (~21 mins with nt=4)
  • TOCSY mixing time: 80 msec
  • Processed and displayed with nmrPipe/nmrDraw

Strychnine: 1H-1H TOCSY

H. Zhou Updated Nov 2010