DEPTNOE is an in-house written macro that carries DEPT and NOE-enhanced C13 detection (all C13 signals are detected) in one experiment. Refer to the DEPT instruction for details on DEPT. The macro is meant to be used for automated data collection, processing and printing processes (remember to enter au, not go or ga to start experiment). Manual parameter control is possible, as instructed below.

In the {H1}C13 NOE experiment, broadband H1 decoupling is applied during the recycle delay in addition to that during the acquisition period to enhance the H1-attached C13 signals.


C13 referencing

Procedure (on NMR500 with SWP probe)

deptnoe macro

Step 1: Tune, lock and shim

Step 2: Start experiment

Step 4: Processing and printing

Optional: For accurate C13 referencing with TMS H1 signal

Default parameters

Manual adjustment of parameters

Although this script is meant to used with default parameters, you can still change the parameters before entering au to start experiment. Check or change the following parameters as needed:


  • Sample: Strychnine at ~ 25mg/mL (~ 100mM) in cdcl3
  • Data collected October 2010
Spectra further processed with pldeptnoe2 command. From top to bottom:

1: CH3

2: CH2

3: CH

4: All (C+CH+CH2+CH3)


H. Zhou updated Dec 2010